Extraordinary Victoria

Few places have the charm that Victoria carries. As the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest, it has century-old sites waiting to be discovered. We adore this city just like our families adore their nannies.

We’ll watch the kids so you can relax and:

  • See remarkable whales pass by the coastal waters.
  • Explore historically rich castles, gardens and galleries. Learn something new!
  • Cycle through the many bike paths on the island.


Visiting Victoria? We can help you get the most out of your trip by taking care of the kids. Have a quiet adults-only evening or take your time seeing the sights. You can fully relax knowing that professionals are taking care of what’s most precious to you.

Extraordinary Nannies

Our nannies are the best around! We have a rigorous pre-screening process to ensure we hire only the most nurturing child care professionals. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations which is why our nannies are loved by kids and adults alike!

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