My new job is going good. I’m their first nanny, so they are kind of relaxed with me because they have one more person to help them, and also for the older kid it’s something new and he is really proud of having a nanny – he always introduces me to everyone! The neighborhood is wonderful and the beach is so close so I can go almost every day with both kids.And with the other kids it’s also really good, we enjoy the time we spend together. Today I took them for an ice cream because they have been working hard with their homework so they deserve it, and we are planning some crafts for Halloween that will be hilarious!I really love my job. I love being with kids, so I really enjoy the time I spend with both families – it’s something I don’t have to do, it’s something I love to do and I get paid for that so that’s wonderful!

Nannies On Call is a really great company to work for because of their clientele, their children, and their professional and supportive staff! As an on-call nanny I have really enjoyed meeting professional clients and I have been privileged to see the great care and commitment that parents have for their children. All of these parent’s children have been a real joy to work with and working with them has been a diverse, adventurous, fun, and eye opening experience. As a student, my on-call position has been a great support in my needs for flexibility. The staff at Nannies on Call are always efficient, reliable, and professional. It has really been an experience where I have felt immediately welcomed and valued.

Being a huge fan of working with children of all ages, Nannies On Call is my ideal job. The flexibility to choose my own hours provides such a great balance with my fast paced life. Best of all, I’m meeting so many wonderful families who are so appreciative of the service I provide.

Working for an agency that cares just as much about making me happy as they do our clients (feeling appreciated, respected, protected, supported….)

Always having a friendly and personable (and often very funny!) person at the other end of the phone when I call the office .

Meeting really interesting people that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Being able to put a family at ease when they open their doors to stranger and trust me with their children and home.

Feeling confident in myself as someone calm, caring, capable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, patient, fun, reliable, and hopefully someone they’d welcome back into their home.

Nannies On Call is a super organization to work for as I am able to be my own boss while having an excellent group of ladies by my side to help me. The flexibility is unbelievable and I have had only positive experiences with families and their children. Nannies On Call is an advocate for their nannies as well as their families. They make for a great employer as well as an organization I would strongly recommend to any one with children!

First of all, I thank the Almighty God for having us Nannies on Call most specially to all the clients and nannies who are with them right now. As we all know, Nannies on Call had opened 3 more agencies and I’m one of those nannies who are proud of their success.

Michelle and I started Nannies on Call together. She was the the manager and I was the nanny. That time I was her full time nanny. Michelle Kelsey is a nice and a good employer with a good heart. I had a lot of fun when I was their nanny with her 2 beautiful daughters. (Gabrielle and Mikaela)

Until now, I owe a lot from Nannies on Call. All the staff are very friendy, helpful and accomodating. If you need some help for your kids, they are always there to send nice and hardworking nanny which you can trust and act like a parent for your kids while you are away short or long hours.

What I can say about Nannies on Call is, “You’re # one”. If I’m working with your company, it’s like socializing in a different way with different family, different kids with different character and different ways of life. I feel so good and happy looking after different kids. They are angel from heaven.

To the manager, Michelle Kelsey. And to all the staff of Nannies on Call, thank you so much and more power.

I enjoy working for Nannies on Call because everyone… especially office staff… are very supportive, kind, and friendly.
We are all focused on giving the best care possible for all the children of NOC clients. We treat them like our own family.
Thank you very much.

Nannies on call is perfect for me as it offers flexibility. I have a full time job but like to do extra hours here and there when im saving for something special and nannies on call allows me to do that. The people are lovely and helpful and really care about you and your needs as well as the families.

Working for Nannies on Call is such a great experience because you get the best of both worlds – you get to work in a fantastic job with wonderful children AND you get to work for a fantastic company that supports and encourages you every step of the way. I have never felt like I’m on my own when working for Nannies on Call and know that someone friendly and knowledgeable is always on the other end of the phone whenever I need them. I have traveled all over Vancouver in my work for nannies on call, have met amazing families, heard amazing tips and stories, and worked with really fantastic children. Every job is full of excitement and adventure! The kids are awesome, the families are awesome, Nannies on Call is awesome, and the flexibility of choosing my own work schedule is awesome – what more could you ask for?

The reason I chose nannies on call as an agency is because it works perfectly with my University studies. I can take On-Call jobs whenever I’m available to work and can take a break during exams when cramming is necessary. I love the professional image which Nannies on Call upholds. I feel good about representing a company with high standards.