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My new job is going good. I’m their first nanny, so they are kind of relaxed with me because they have one more person to help them, and also for the older kid it’s something new and he is really proud of having a nanny – he always introduces me to everyone! The neighborhood is wonderful and the beach is so close so I can go almost every day with both kids.And with the other kids it’s also really good, we enjoy the time we spend together. Today I took them for an ice cream because they have been working hard with their homework so they deserve it, and we are planning some crafts for Halloween that will be hilarious!I really love my job. I love being with kids, so I really enjoy the time I spend with both families – it’s something I don’t have to do, it’s something I love to do and I get paid for that so that’s wonderful!

- Sandra Machuca Nava