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First of all, I thank the Almighty God for having us Nannies on Call most specially to all the clients and nannies who are with them right now. As we all know, Nannies on Call had opened 3 more agencies and I’m one of those nannies who are proud of their success.

Michelle and I started Nannies on Call together. She was the the manager and I was the nanny. That time I was her full time nanny. Michelle Kelsey is a nice and a good employer with a good heart. I had a lot of fun when I was their nanny with her 2 beautiful daughters. (Gabrielle and Mikaela)

Until now, I owe a lot from Nannies on Call. All the staff are very friendy, helpful and accomodating. If you need some help for your kids, they are always there to send nice and hardworking nanny which you can trust and act like a parent for your kids while you are away short or long hours.

What I can say about Nannies on Call is, “You’re # one”. If I’m working with your company, it’s like socializing in a different way with different family, different kids with different character and different ways of life. I feel so good and happy looking after different kids. They are angel from heaven.

To the manager, Michelle Kelsey. And to all the staff of Nannies on Call, thank you so much and more power.

- Rose – Original Nannies on Call Nanny (Vancouver)