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Nannies On Call has afforded me the fabulous mountain lifestyle I want. I use to work crazy hours as a floral designer with no life…ski time, hiking. I wasn’t able to enjoy this beautiful place which is why I am here. I joined Nannies On Call and I have never looked back!! I choose when I want to work. I meet interesting people and lovely children from all over the world. I ski all the time now and do all the other activities that I love. When I need a rest I take it. Nannies On Call has a great team running the show from head office. They are very accommodating and VERY FAIR! It is a really fun time. If you ever have the chance to work a convention or “group booking” take it, you will have the best time meeting and working with the other nannies! There are other companies that do the same thing as Nannies On Call but you can’t compare them, I know because I worked for them before I was FORTUNATE enough to join the Nannies On Call team.
In fact just last week I was visiting friends at one of the hotels here in Whistler and on the elevator ride down I was talking with this girl who was so tired and unhappy. She was working for one of the other companies and I knew exactly what she was going through. I gave her a ride home and she appologised for “unloading” on me so I told her to give “Nannies” a call and never be treated poorly again! She thanked me and said I had given her new hope and a better future in Whistler. I left her smiling with the phone number for Nannies On Call! See you in Whistler.

- Randy (Whistler Nanny)