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Trisha, Cody and Clara were phenomenal at our going away party. They were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! They each were , excellent communicators, confident, flexible with the parents, genuine and affectionate with the children… and quite simply made our farewell party an enormous hit for everyone in attendance.

Trisha had the kids up playing games and took charge of clearly explaining (dramatizing actually) all the necessary rules to keep kids safe and parents happy, Clara was approachable even to the most tentative toddler and had suuch a lovely way about her she was swarmed by kids who immediately gravitated towards her, and Cody was right in there beading, playing, laughing and painting faces…she was as hands on as you could possibly get…(including helping the kids paint some of the grown ups faces!!) Every single parent commented on what an amazing time the kids all had (hard to do with 11 or so 1-5 year olds) There was not one crying child…NOT ONE..all night…all we heard was giggles and gut laughs all night…and eventually we heard the loud protests when it was time for the kids to say good bye to their new friends. Thank you so much for making our party successful and completely stress free. That was worth every penny!!…The kids thank you too!!”

- Leanne