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The nanny we’d hired through Nannies On Call had been instructed to check in with the concierge at 6pm so that my husband and I could have a dinner date. Seeing it was time, I left our snacks and saw an approachable, beaming woman in the lobby. Yup. It was her. (I love Nannies on Call. Once I was stuck for childcare and came home to happy kids, freshly baked cookies, a clean house and personalized children’s artwork on my mantel). We invited Julia the Super-Nanny for a drink, but our toddlers had other plans. Attaching to her immediately, she was whisked away to be shown the vespa with a sidecar outside Giovane Café (try the pizza, by the way).

The Bathtime. When we went to the room to change for dinner, the kids were bathing with tons of bubbles and having so much fun they weren’t even watching the cool in-mirror TV. The bathroom has a great little stool for doing makeup, or in the kid’s case, teeth brushing / hand washing. After the bath, they demonstrated their abilities in jumping from one queen bed to the other while Julia eyed me for permission and then ‘spotted’ the kids. (Whoops. I was trying to keep that one a secret.)

- Jill Amery –