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We are very overdue with our review of Lise but I can assure you we were very pleased with her. She watched our 1 year old daughter during our wedding day! We were a bit disorganized; we didn’t even have pyjamas for our daughter that day, big oops. Andie had her ups and down but did very well. We always have our daughter very close by so it was difficult having such a busy day and so little time for her. Lise really saved the day by making her day fun with games and songs in our kid-friendly area on the property. She was entertaining and took charge of keeping her occupied when we couldn’t give her the attention we wanted to. Before our dance (at a different but nearby venue), my husband paid her in full so she could leave when someone we knew came back home. She would have had someone relieve her by around 11:30 but when we arrived past 1am to scoop up our precious bundle, Lise was still there. I guess she felt is was her responsibility to stay and be Andie’s primary care provider. I can say I appreciated this tremendously since the rest of the family was likely tired from the whole day and they needed sleep.

Long story short, we were very happy with Lise and would recommend her and your services to anyone in the Victoria area.

- Ginette Mills