Do I keep my receipts for my tax purposes?

Yes, it is recommended to file them after you are issued the receipt after each booking.  Unfortunately, we do not have duplicates and cannot issue past receipts upon request.

Can the Nannies administer medication?

Nannies are able to administer medication if the nanny is aware and agree and bring a form that you will sign giving them permission to administer the medication.

Should I have a meal for the Nanny coming?

Since the Nannies are an extension of your family for the day, it has been common practice and a nicety to share your pantry.  However, please share with the agency if you wish for the Nanny to bring her own meals and or snacks and we will happily add a note so the Nanny comes… Read more »

May I have the Nanny’s phone number?

We are not able to provide you with the Nanny’s personal information and are happy to remain the liaison between you and the Nanny.  If you need to reach the Nanny, please call the office during business hours and we will transfer the call directly to her.  If the booking is past the office hours,… Read more »

What if I want to stay out later than I booked?

We ask for the “maximum” amount of hours you plan on booking but if believe you may be later we ask that you please address this to the office or when your Nanny arrives.  Often Nannies are pleased to stay longer but the nanny may have another booking, personal plans or must factor in getting… Read more »