On-Call FAQ's

Have all the Nannies been pre-screened?

Our Human Resources Manager and Managers selectively choose and orientate our On Call Nannies.  They ensure our nannies have been pre-screened with criminal record checks, First Aid certificates, are bonded and have at least 2 years child care experience.

Do I get to choose the nanny?  Will it be the same Nanny coming every time?

The On Call is designed more for convenience than consistency. While we cannot guarantee the same Nanny for all your bookings you may request back any Nanny you have had before and request we try and get you the same nanny for your dates.

Our On Call nannies are independent contractors, not employees under a contract. Based on our experience, having one On Call nanny coming to work in a home regularly for an extended length of time, may be deemed to by your ’employee’  by the Canada Revenue Agency. CRA may then retroactively decide to charge you for CPP, ET, back taxes, penalties, interest, and potentially take away Child Tax claims.

If you prefer to have the same nanny come on a regular basis, for a period of 2 weeks or longer, we recommend using our extraordinary Placement service.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

We understand that cancellations include sick family members and emergencies so we ask that you notify the office as soon as possible if you need to cancel a date. If the booking is less than 24 hours away there is a charge to compensate the Nanny for canceling her job. (The 4 hour minimum nanny rate plus a $5 administration fee)  Your credit card is charged and Nannies on Call issues payment on your behalf.

Do I tip my Nanny?

Like any service industry, if you feel like you received exceptional service, tipping is graciously accepted but not mandatory.

Can my child’s friend also be present at the booking?

Absolutely!  Please notify the office of the additional child from another family (friend, cousin etc;) and share if they have any special needs or severe allergies.  It is an additional $3/hr for a child from another family.

Why can’t the Nannies do housework?

The Nannies are professional nannies so child care is their sole responsibility while in your home.  The Nannies can perform all duties that fall under the child care umbrella such as prepare meals for the children and clean up after themselves.

May I have a Nanny for 2 hours in the morning and then have her/him come back for 2 hours in the afternoon?

Each booking is a 4 hour minimum of consecutive hours and cannot be broken up through the day.

Can the Nannies drive with my children?

Our On Call nannies are not able to drive with the children however they are able to walk, take transit or a taxi to activities you have notified us about.

How do I pay the nannies?

Nannies are paid directly by you at the end of their booking by cash or cheque.  The nannies do not carry change so please have the exact amount.  You will be issued a receipt after each booking with Nannies on Call.

What if I come home earlier than the time I booked?

You will only pay for the time used as long as it is the minimum of 4 hours.  The Nannies will bill on the quarter of the hour.

What if I want to stay out later than I booked?

We ask for the “maximum” amount of hours you plan on booking but if believe you may be later we ask that you please address this to the office or when your Nanny arrives.  Often Nannies are pleased to stay longer but the nanny may have another booking, personal plans or must factor in getting home by transit so please respect their time.

Can I book a nanny to stay overnight for a week/weekend?

Our Nannies are happy to stay overnight with your family.  Please call the office to discuss the arrangement and we are happy to go over how it can work for you.

May I meet the Nannies before they come to my home?

The On Call service is not designed for this but we would be happy to try and arrange a 4 hour minimum paid booking for a nanny who is coming for future booking.

What is a “Manny”?

This is a term of endearment for a male Nanny with Nannies on Call.

May I have the Nanny’s phone number?

We are not able to provide you with the Nanny’s personal information and are happy to remain the liaison between you and the Nanny.  If you need to reach the Nanny, please call the office during business hours and we will transfer the call directly to her.  If the booking is past the office hours, please arrange to leave a cell phone at home or notify your Nanny to answer your house phone.

How much notice do you need to find a Nanny and can I book last minute?

We ask that as soon as you know you need a Nanny to give us a call and we will start searching for an available nanny that is suitable for the times, the ages of your child(ren) and location of the booking.

Should I have a meal for the Nanny coming?

Since the Nannies are an extension of your family for the day, it has been common practice and a nicety to share your pantry.  However, please share with the agency if you wish for the Nanny to bring her own meals and or snacks and we will happily add a note so the Nanny comes prepared with their own food.

Can the Nannies administer medication?

Nannies are able to administer medication if the nanny is aware and agree and bring a form that you will sign giving them permission to administer the medication.

Do I keep my receipts for my tax purposes?

Yes, it is recommended to file them after you are issued the receipt after each booking.  Unfortunately, we do not have duplicates and cannot issue past receipts upon request.

Do the Bundles of Booking Fees (‘Something Good’ & ‘Spoonful of Sugar’) and Nanny Plan Membership (‘Baroness’) expire?

Yes, they are good for one full year from the time of purchase.  We kindly suggest marking it in your calendar when they expire so you don’t miss out.

Placement FAQ's

Do I choose my own nanny?

Yes! You tell us what your family needs and we’ll send you resumes and personalized letters from a selection of re-screened nannies that we feel you’ll love. You review the resumes and letters at your leisure and let us know who you’d like to meet and we’ll coordinate your meeting.

The final decision is up to you. We believe whole-heartedly that families should love their nannies. So we don’t draw up a contract until you’ve offered him/her a position with your family.

Will my nanny drive?

If you want a nanny that drives, you’ll get a nanny that drives! Roughly 40% of our Extraordinary Nannies drive. If you expect your nanny to drive her own car, you’ll be responsible for reimbursing mileage and wear and tear at a rate of $0.58/km.

Is the agency fee a one-time fee or do I have to pay every year?

It’s a one-time fee for each Nanny paid before your Extraordinary Nanny starts working with your family.

Can I hire a nanny for just a few weeks? What is the cost?

Absolutely! Our placement department provides temporary nannies for temporary placements (2 weeks to 52 weeks).  The fee for the first month is $1000 and then $750 per month thereafter, up to 12 months.

How much do Extraordinary Nannies make?

Hourly rates vary by city. Our Extraordinary Nannies are seeking between $20-35+ gross per hour, depending on his/her experience, level of education, and what his/her roles and responsibilities with the family will be. 

Do I pay the nanny directly or does her pay go via the agency?

You pay your Extraordinary Nanny directly.

Is there a fee to register for Nannies on Call?

Yes. All applications for placement nannies are subject to a non-refundable launch fee of $399. This will be charged once the application form is received and before we start our comprehensive Extraordinary Nanny search on your behalf.

Does Nannies on Call provide payroll services?

We sure do! All full-time permanent placements (12 months or longer) include payroll services free of charge from NannyTax for up to one year. This can be extended for an additional fee.

What happens if my Nanny quits or I let her go?

If your Extraordinary Nanny resigns within the first three months or you decide to terminate her contract, we will replace for free. We do not offer refunds.

How long does it take to get a full-time Nanny?

The process takes between 4 and 8 weeks on average and depends on several factors unique to your family (i.e. Where you live in relation to the Nanny, whether you need a Nanny who can drive, the ages of your children, special needs requirements, salary offered, etc.).

Are there any additional costs associated with hiring a Nanny?

Nannies are considered employees by Revenue Canada, which means you must hire them as employees and contribute to their Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI) and Worker’s Compensation. On top of the gross salary, factor in approximately an additional 8% in BC, 7% in Alberta and 10% in Ontario.

How many resumes can I expect to see?

Anywhere from 2 to 10, depending on your specific nanny requirements and how many Extraordinary Nannies we have that fit those needs.

What kind of qualifications do your Nannies have?

All of our nannies have extensive childcare experience. Individual qualifications vary, but often include ECE certificates, Montessori training, Bachelors of Education or years and years of experience with children.

Do you place live-in Nannies?

No. All our Nannies are seeking live-out positions.

I am looking for a part time nanny. Can you help?

We do have part time nannies who are available but they are in high demand at the moment.  As a general rule, 2, 3 or 4 full days are more attractive to the nannies compared to 5 half days.  If you are looking for just a few hours in the mornings or afternoons, very short shifts, shift work coverage, and split shifts we are unable to help.

Another thank you is for Jen who managed to find a babysitter at the last minute for us yesterday. My husband had a flight cancelled and another one delayed on his way back from Atlanta, GA meaning he got back 7 hours later than expected. I had a Mama Renew meeting to attend in the evening and so we needed a trusted childcare source to look after Beatrice between me leaving and my husband arriving. Thankfully, Nannies on Call came to the rescue with Parrish. Being new to a foreign country and without any family support means that we really value having Nannies on Call.

Bronwen Sharpe