Do I get to choose the nanny?  Will it be the same Nanny coming every time?

The On Call is designed more for convenience than consistency. While we cannot guarantee the same Nanny for all your bookings you may request back any Nanny you have had before and request we try and get you the same nanny for your dates.

Our On Call nannies are independent contractors, not employees under a contract. Based on our experience, having one On Call nanny coming to work in a home regularly for an extended length of time, may be deemed to by your ’employee’  by the Canada Revenue Agency. CRA may then retroactively decide to charge you for CPP, ET, back taxes, penalties, interest, and potentially take away Child Tax claims.

If you prefer to have the same nanny come on a regular basis, for a period of 2 weeks or longer, we recommend using our extraordinary Placement service.

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