The Peanut Club Indoor Playground

Looking for a place to keep the kids entertained out of the extreme heat of the summer? The Peanut Club Indoor Playground is your solution.

Nanny Teresa dropped by the Peanut Club and was shown around by Jean Teresa was impressed with the multitude of toys and activities available for little ones. All outdoor shoes are removed upon entry and socks or slippers must be worn by everyone inside.

Moms To Be…and More

Moms To Be…and More barely covers what this store has to offer! It is enormous and carries absolutely everything you need as a first time mother – or second time, or third time, or more…

Just one trip to this store and a first time mom will learn about every single item she could possible need for her new baby. The expert sales people that are positioned on every floor are truly knowledgeable about the products in their specialized area, ready to answer any plausible question.

Kick Maternity: Embracing the Baby Bump

Embracing the beauty of the maternal body is Kick Maternity’s clothing concept. It’s a cute little maternity wear boutique that carries all of the latest styles to adorn the “baby bump” for the hip and stylish mom-to-be who believe that just because their body is changing doesn’t mean that they have to let go of their style and sleekness.

Tips for Traveling with Children

With the holidays quickly approaching, families are hustling and bustling to organize their travel arrangements. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, incorporate the children in the planning part of the trip. A possibly hair-raising and frustrating excursion can turn into a well-organized, fun-packed expedition when they feel like they are part of the planning.

Belly: Designer Trends for Expectant Moms

Belly {maternity} is the ultimate clothing store for the “fashionista” expecting moms who want to carry their baby in style. This elegant boutique that is exclusively for pregnant women presents a distinct first impression; it appears like everything was hand selected by the owner and then meticulously arranged by colour and design.

Phipps Bakery Café

Phipps Bakery Café is quite possibly the cutest little kid-friendly café –ever! – and it was just bustling with moms and tots when Nanny Erin paid it a visit. The décor is absolutely adorable! You will feel as though you have stepped right into a fairy tale luncheon, as your surroundings are trees, mosaics, a little white picket fence, and the most darling little tables in the world.

Oink Oink: Something for Everyone!

Oink Oink is not the typical run-of-the-mill store that you can simply drive by without noticing. On first glimpse, the outside is painted chartreuse green with complementary rainbow striped colors on the front of the building and is decorated with little pink piggies. The O’s of Oink Oink also resemble pig snouts. The letters are hung cockeyed, which attracts even more attention.