Enter With A Smile!

Nothing says “dud” like a nanny arriving without a smile on her face – and worse, no eye contact. You might be the best Mary Poppins with the children but if you do arrive exuding warmth from the get-go the booking has gone south! The point is not to go in juggling balls (if you can, hats off to you!) but to come with a friendly attitude that sends the message “this is going to be really great!”.

Nannies Should NOT Pay for Work!

In the news lately we are hearing too often about companies being scrutinized for their practices. Agencies, let alone businesses in general are not supposed to charge anyone to look for work! I am specifically speaking about Nanny Agencies that ‘assist’ a childcare provider in finding a great family match. Nannies being promised a great position….for only $4000! When they say that they can’t afford it, they borrow from friends or family, or worse they borrow from the source and are charged huge interest rates. This is not ok and you would hope that hearing just one bad story would prompt others not to be taken to the cleaners.

Free Activities for the Summer

Are you looking for some fun things to keep the kids busy this summer? Here are 66 ideas to keep you busy going summer!

Library-STORY TIME – something about a different setting breaks up the routine for the kids, gives them something to look forward to.

Local Park – go early, pack a lunch, bring a drawing tablet, enjoy the outside before its too hot.

Take a field trip.

Hard Knocks

We as a society seem to always ensure that kids get things equal or fair, but is this really a good idea? Could it be that we’re setting these innocent creatures up for failure as life isn’t always fair or equal. Why is it that we automatically dole out equal portions of food, beverages or items for fear of what; the children will grow up learning they are separate entities and don’t often get the same salary, car, interest rate, discount or deal, I could go on and on….you get the idea.

5 Spring Break Staycation Activities

Spring break is around the corner for the many children who attend school and one thing’s for sure: you’re going to want to have some fun activities in mind to keep the kids entertained while they are home. While some families have already purchased tickets and are preparing for their exciting vacations far away during spring break, families who are staying home need to think about planning their family Staycation to break up the monotony of an otherwise boring and eventless school break.

Here’s a list of ideas to get you started on your way to a wonderful, fun-packed Staycation this spring break with the children: