Why Avoiding Conflict as an Employer is Not a Good Idea

Some people will do everything humanly possible to avoid confrontation. With your personal relationships, this is arguably a good characteristic to have, however as an employer, it is your job to put these feelings in your back pocket and deal with various issues as they come up.
It can be hard when you have a nanny working in your home and some parts of her behavior are getting under your skin. I don’t mean the minor things (ex. How she loads the dishwasher or that she dresses your child in his blue coat when you prefer the red one). I’m talking about more serious issues that make you question her professionalism – punctuality, sick days, being grumpy when she arrives, not doing things when asked, talking on her phone etc. As an employer, it is your responsibility to sit her down and have a chat about these issues AS THEY HAPPEN. Sweeping these issues under the rug does nothing at all to improve the

Surprise! You’re In Charge of More Children!

It’s not a surprise that families who are hiring nannies contemplate ways to pool their resources and save money, but it may come as a surprise to the nanny! When we send out a nanny to a family that says they have only two children and the nanny shows up to find out that she is in charge of five children, this can pose as a problem.

How Much of a Raise Should I Give My Nanny?

This is a topic that is so very subjective; it’s incredibly tough to give the best advice on giving raises to a nanny, because each situation is extremely different. Undoubtedly, if you have the most spectacular nanny in the world, there is no way that you can pay her enough for the tender love and care that she devotes to your children.

The Benefits of Having a Nanny Over Day Care

Nannies are the best, hands down! Of course, that’s our opinion, and we are prepared to back our opinion up with a list of true benefits that nannies can bring to your family. If you are contrasting the services of a nanny versus a day care center, we have the answers that you are looking for right here. Below is the list of benefits that we think are important when considering nanny versus day care:

Nannies on Call East Coast Head Office opens in Toronto July 5th

Toronto, June 28th, 2010 – Vancouver-based Nannies on Call has gone bi-coastal. The company announced the expansion today: on July 5th Nannies on Call will officially open their East Coast head office in downtown Toronto. “We’ve had so many requests from local families visiting the West Coast over the years,” says Kelsey, “I’ve always had Toronto in mind – and I finally have the perfect executive team in place.”