Vancouver’s Spotlight Nanny for June!

Are you looking for the whole package? A big sister type that has an education and experience as a nanny rolled into one? Look no further, Nanny Lindsay is all these things and more! Lindsay is friendly, outgoing and very artistic! With a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Ontario College of Art and Design,… Read more »

Being a New Nanny: Proactivity and Persistence

Being the “new kid” is always hard, and it’s the same when you’re a grown-up and entering a new position. On-Call is similar: you’re new, your team is still getting to know you, so how do you start getting work while competing with other extraordinary nannies with established reputations?
The key is Proactivity – you have nothing to lose by calling the office and saying hello, or emailing us to say “hi” and introduce yourself via writing! This is a great way to break the ice so the booking staff can get to know you personally and match it to what we know already about you on file. Your childcare expertise is not in question (you wouldn’t be here if you were!) – it’s your personality and drive!

Nanny with twelve years of Experience!

Congratulations are in order for Nanny Ana who began with Nannies on Call in 2010 and was a fast favourite to families and staff alike. During her time thus far, she has actively worked with our On Call department, taking shifts as her schedule permits and she has also been successfully placed on three separate occasions. She has worked over 160 On Call jobs and has often been requested back by families, always receiving glowing feedback. Ana is highly creative, energetic, warm and open. She brings over 12 years of childcare experience to the agency. On top of working as a nanny in her native Portugal for 8 years, Ana is also a trained performing artist and has worked as a puppeteer, clown performer, children’s storyteller and drama instructor! Described by past employers as extremely engaging, responsible and caring, Ana is sure to be on your list of favourites in no time!

Animal Game: Predator and Prey

This is a great game to play if you are with a group of kids who need an outside tag-type game. You can choose a food chain relationship, do a craft to create the props, and get into character! It’s fun to act like an animal! While you could try this with as few as two people, the more the better.

Facts For Your Family – The Why and Hows!

If you are one of our On-Call nannies, you will have seen (and hopefully extensively used!) our very colourful, double-sided Facts For Your Family/Notes For Your Nanny sheets.

We encourage nannies to always use the FFYF side of the sheets, as it helps you keep a good, accountable record of what happened during your workday in case you miss anything when verbally giving feedback to parents. It also keeps a written record of patterns in childcare and child habits, and some families find that very useful for personal note if there are things they want to keep on observation (e.g. behaviour, potential allergies, duties completed etc.).

What’s in your nanny bag – Part 1

We enlisted the help of our extraordinary On Call nannies and did a little digging in their nanny bags. We discovered a world of creativity and preparation! If you are a new nanny with Nannies On Call or a current nanny looking for new ideas to refresh your nanny bag, have a look at some of the things your fellow nannies carry in their amazing nanny bags.

Seasonal Winter Decor with Nature Scavenger Hunt

With winter on its way, wouldn’t it be nice to have the kids help with the decorating? How about starting it with a scavenger hunt! Bring baskets, bags and scissors or pruners (carefully), and go on a little walk, whether in the backyard, the park, or the forest.
(Scavenger list may change depending on flora in your area and your decorating desires).