Almond Joy Recipe

These days, allergies are everywhere! It is hard to meet anyone who is not allergic to something. Especially when working with little ones! Lately, a rise in gluten and lactose intolerance in children has left many people wondering…well, what CAN I bake for my children, or the children I nanny for? Enter GOOP. No, not… Read more »

Things to do in Halifax with the kids!

Things to do in Halifax with the kids! Wondering what to do this weekend? Or perhaps where your nanny can take the kiddies? Here are some things to do in and around HRM. 1)   Rainy day? Check out the latest exhibit at the Museum of Natural History.  2)   Clay Café – located on Quinpool Road… Read more »

To Nanny Share or Not?

I get many calls from people that are interested in sharing a nanny with another family. This typically means that two (sometimes three!) families share one nanny and split the cost. The nanny cares for the children of both families together or splits her time between the two households.
It is a great option for parents who want the personal care in home for their child(ren) but it takes a lot of research and due diligence to make sure this is the right option for your family. Consider the questions below when thinking about using this option for your family.

Allowance time? Questions to ponder

At some point parents make the decision whether, when, why and how much to give a child allowance, and, as with many things, we use some trial and error and in the end we do what feels right. If you’re at the point where you’re beginning to consider allowance, there are several factors to consider: age, sibling allowance, amount, frequency, and so on.

What is attachment theory?

Many families ascribe to the attachment theory of parenting. It’s a great idea to have some semblance of what that means, if you are applying to work with a family who believes and follows this theory. As a caregiver, you can help the child by being a responsive and available person in their life, in addition to their parents.

The ‘Hired Help”

So, you’ve hired outside assistance. Either your laundry is piling up, you have dust bunnies under your bed, your plants need watering or your children need some stimulation. We have all been there; we need more time in the day. Working full time, having children and maintaining a house is not an easy task. And gone are the days of your other half coming home from work, cracking a beer while you whip up dinner, fold laundry and get the kids lunches made for the next day. This is 2013! We live in the now, which means that everyone pulls their weight. Which also means that we all take on too much and work really hard.

Why Avoiding Conflict as an Employer is Not a Good Idea

Some people will do everything humanly possible to avoid confrontation. With your personal relationships, this is arguably a good characteristic to have, however as an employer, it is your job to put these feelings in your back pocket and deal with various issues as they come up.
It can be hard when you have a nanny working in your home and some parts of her behavior are getting under your skin. I don’t mean the minor things (ex. How she loads the dishwasher or that she dresses your child in his blue coat when you prefer the red one). I’m talking about more serious issues that make you question her professionalism – punctuality, sick days, being grumpy when she arrives, not doing things when asked, talking on her phone etc. As an employer, it is your responsibility to sit her down and have a chat about these issues AS THEY HAPPEN. Sweeping these issues under the rug does nothing at all to improve the

Big Brother, Little Sister

Having children with a large age gap has its pluses and its minuses. Mercer Mayer writes her Little Critter books with titles such as Just Me and My Little Brother and The New Baby that appeals to the toddlers but what about the older kids? Being a child with a sibling 9 years older was dandy for me; someone to learn from, pester and look up to. Perhaps he did not always feel the same growing up; forced to no longer be in the lime light, be an instant baby sitter and have a tag-a-long – oh-what-a-drag! I see my friend’s 10 year old son struggling with the perils of having a baby sister. No longer is he their ‘centre of the universe’ and much to his dismay, mom has to tote along the baby to soccer

Five Easy Ways to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy

Article by: Linda Shoreland for, Canada’s trusted source for camps and schools.

Having just returned from a weekend with my in-laws, nutrition is at the forefront of my mind. I love my mother-in-law, but sometimes her idea of providing kid-friendly meals for my son is stocking her freezer and pantry with microwave pizza, boxed macaroni and cheese, frozen chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and sugary fruit drinks. Sure, those might be toddler dietary staples in some households, but not in mine. I try my very best to explain to her that our son eats what we eat. We expose him to a wide variety of foods to ensure he has a balanced, healthy diet. I have made a very concerted effort from the time he began eating solids, to offer a wide array of foods. If he goes through phases of food rejection, so be it, but I didn’t want to be responsible for him having a picky palette.

Letting Toddlers Lend a Hand

As soon as my son, Hunter, was able to walk he began imitating me doing chores. If I was sweeping he would cry and cry until it was his turn to use the broom.
I soon realised that I could shorten the handle on the Swiffer sweeper so it was just the right size for him and he would follow me with the Swiffer until the floors
were sparkling!! After our sweeping routine was strongly established we moved onto other chores. He will stand beside the dishwasher and hand the dishes
to me to put away (after I have removed all sharp knives). He happily climbs onto a chair beside me at the kitchen sink and washes dishes. Although my friend pointed out that once they become good at dish washing they are no longer are interested!