14 Reasons Daycare Staff are Becoming Nannies

The world has changed in light of the ongoing global pandemic and families and child care professionals are looking for new ways to stay safe. Many daycare workers no longer feel safe working in a group environment, but want to continue working with children. An increasing number of Early Childhood Educators are turning to nannying… Read more »

Reward Systems and Positive Encouragement

A lot of us are too hard on ourselves…. “I need to lose weight, I don’t have enough energy, I don’t get enough done during the day.” This negative self-talk starts to weigh in our minds and create lower self-esteem. When we don’t feel good about ourselves it is reflected in our relationships with others, including our children. Our fuses can be shorter, our tempers bigger and our patience level less and less. We all want our children to be happy, well guess what…. It starts with you! Modeling for your children what happiness looks like is hugely important; after all you are their very first teachers in the world. Children are very receptive and can sense changes in mood and demeanor, although they may not understand it, they will mimic it!

To Nanny Share or Not?

I get many calls from people that are interested in sharing a nanny with another family. This typically means that two (sometimes three!) families share one nanny and split the cost. The nanny cares for the children of both families together or splits her time between the two households.
It is a great option for parents who want the personal care in home for their child(ren) but it takes a lot of research and due diligence to make sure this is the right option for your family. Consider the questions below when thinking about using this option for your family.

Allowance time? Questions to ponder

At some point parents make the decision whether, when, why and how much to give a child allowance, and, as with many things, we use some trial and error and in the end we do what feels right. If you’re at the point where you’re beginning to consider allowance, there are several factors to consider: age, sibling allowance, amount, frequency, and so on.

Junior MasterChef – Inspiring Kids and Cooking!

Every now and again, a family-friendly TV program comes up that is worth sharing, even from a surprising source!
Junior MasterChef has competitors who are all kids recruited across the USA between the ages of 8 to 13, competing in cooking challenges for a top prize of money and a scholarship to culinary school once they’re of age. Adults may have raised eyebrows knowing Gordon Ramsay is the host and one of the judges, but after viewing the first episode, we can attest that Ramsay and his fellow judges are certainly very goodhearted, tactful, and wholly supportive of the children competing. No shouting, no swearing – honestly the only real sass comes from the kids themselves!

How To Handle Yourself & Be A Nanny Pro

As we all can agree, there is a huge difference between the “14 year old babysitter down the block” to working as a professional nanny. A lot of the distinctions are not only related to experience and certificates but also how to initiate discussions in a professional manner.