Self-Identity After Baby

It was mother’s day this past weekend. It’s a day to celebrate you as a mother, but do you know who that is? Many women don’t immediately feel like a mother once their child is born, and instead gradually learn to see themselves in ways that fit with the identity of “mother.” In the meantime, the self she has previously known herself to be feels completely out of reach as her daily activities, capabilities and expectations have shifted so dramatically.

Belly: Designer Trends for Expectant Moms

Belly {maternity} is the ultimate clothing store for the “fashionista” expecting moms who want to carry their baby in style. This elegant boutique that is exclusively for pregnant women presents a distinct first impression; it appears like everything was hand selected by the owner and then meticulously arranged by colour and design.

Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Childbirth Vancouver

In recent years, women have become more and more aware of the importance of taking exceptionally good care of themselves throughout their pregnancy as well as the advantages of being extremely well prepared for childbirth.

More and more women are taking control of their pregnancy and birthing experiences by choosing to explore the resources available to them and hypnosis is becoming an increasingly popular option. It’s natural, you can practice with your partner and alone and it provides an unparalleled level of calmness at a time when you need it most.