Nanny with twelve years of Experience!

Congratulations are in order for Nanny Ana who began with Nannies on Call in 2010 and was a fast favourite to families and staff alike. During her time thus far, she has actively worked with our On Call department, taking shifts as her schedule permits and she has also been successfully placed on three separate occasions. She has worked over 160 On Call jobs and has often been requested back by families, always receiving glowing feedback. Ana is highly creative, energetic, warm and open. She brings over 12 years of childcare experience to the agency. On top of working as a nanny in her native Portugal for 8 years, Ana is also a trained performing artist and has worked as a puppeteer, clown performer, children’s storyteller and drama instructor! Described by past employers as extremely engaging, responsible and caring, Ana is sure to be on your list of favourites in no time!

Toronto Nanny of the Month

Since gracing our Toronto roster in 2012 we are proud to boast Emmanuelle has worked with over 63 past families and completed over 229 bookings. As a highly requested On Call Nanny, Emmanuelle still manages to take on new clients and wow them with her kind heart and expertise. She works with newborns to school age children and has the natural ability to connect with families of all walks of life. Nannies on Call is proud to choose Emmanuelle as our “Nanny of the Month”!

Kid Friendly Science Project

Science projects are a great way for kids to learn through having fun; this lava lamp project is both educational and fun to try! Lava Lamp project What you’ll need: Clear bottle(s) Water Oil Food color Alka Seltzer Funnel   Using the funnel, pour oil into the clear bottle, about 2/3 full. Pour water into… Read more »

Making Yummy Fruit Leather

Remember Fruit Roll Ups? Did you ever think of making them at home?
If it’s summer or fall, you might enjoy beginning this activity a day or so early by getting the kids to help pick berries or other fruit. In the off season, have some fruits ready to go in the freezer.
As yet another activity, you can first make a healthy, delicious juice before making fruit leather! Using a fruit press or common kitchen tools such as a sieve and a wooden spatula, kids can have some messy fun squishing fruit to make juice. This works well with blackberries, grapes, and many more. Be sure to refrigerate unused juice and consume within a few days to avoid fermentation.

DYI Idea: Make Your Own Goop

This DYI idea comes courtesy of nanny Kirstin from Calgary. It’s called goop (no relation to Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog) and a has texture similar to nutty-putty. It’s soft and squishy, bounces and when left on a table, will melt into a puddle. You can colour on it with markers and make designs or play with… Read more »

Animal Game: Predator and Prey

This is a great game to play if you are with a group of kids who need an outside tag-type game. You can choose a food chain relationship, do a craft to create the props, and get into character! It’s fun to act like an animal! While you could try this with as few as two people, the more the better.

What’s in your nanny bag – Part 1

We enlisted the help of our extraordinary On Call nannies and did a little digging in their nanny bags. We discovered a world of creativity and preparation! If you are a new nanny with Nannies On Call or a current nanny looking for new ideas to refresh your nanny bag, have a look at some of the things your fellow nannies carry in their amazing nanny bags.