Nanny Ice Breakers

On Call nannies have the great privilege of working with many different families throughout the year, and in doing so, they get to meet many children. Part of a nanny’s role is to get to know the children in her care fairly quickly, and earn their trust, before moving on with the events of the day, afternoon, or evening, as the case may be. Here are some easy ice breaker ideas that anyone can use to make introductions.

Sanja for Toronto Nanny of the Month – September

Congratulations Nanny Sanja!
Sanja has been with Nannies on call since 2011. She is a cheery, and active nanny who enjoys outings, arts & crafts, and lots of outdoor play with the little ones in her care. She has been a full-time nanny in the USA and Canada for the past 10 years and is experienced with all ages. Sanja is fluent in English and Croatian and also knows basic German and Spanish.

How To Continue Educating Your Child Even When The Teachers Are On Strike

With the BC teacher’s strike looming in just a few weeks, Nannies on Call can assist with any of your childcare needs during this potentially challenging time.

Employing a Nanny will give your children the opportunity to continue learning such as having the Nanny and your child practice:

Community, Family and Child Studies

Krystal – Nanny of the Month Congratulations are in order to Krystal who began with Nannies on Call in 2012. She has been successfully placed by Nannies on Call on two occasions in two different cities – both Victoria and Calgary! Krystal is bubbly, confident and mature. Her past employers say that she is reliable,… Read more »

Being a New Nanny: Proactivity and Persistence

Being the “new kid” is always hard, and it’s the same when you’re a grown-up and entering a new position. On-Call is similar: you’re new, your team is still getting to know you, so how do you start getting work while competing with other extraordinary nannies with established reputations?
The key is Proactivity – you have nothing to lose by calling the office and saying hello, or emailing us to say “hi” and introduce yourself via writing! This is a great way to break the ice so the booking staff can get to know you personally and match it to what we know already about you on file. Your childcare expertise is not in question (you wouldn’t be here if you were!) – it’s your personality and drive!