Menu Planning for the Busy Family

It is easy to get caught up with being too busy and running out of ideas on what to cook! Being on the go does not mean that you have to rely on sandwiches or fast food to feed your family.

I have found in my house that if I dedicate a couple of hours on a Sat or Sun to planning ahead I can get things mapped out for the week. This has become a popular idea over the years and there are many apps out there that will create everything for you based on your families likes and dislikes. I personally have a finicky family so I create my list on my own and base my grocery shopping on this.

On The Go – Green Spinach Smoothie Recipe

Here’s a favourite smoothie of ours for getting your greens, your fruit, and likely your breakfast in your hands and traveling with you out the door pronto! Add or remove fruit according to your personal tastes, allergies, availability, and so on. Smoothies are also a handy way to use up bruised or wonky-looking fruits that are still good to eat.

Grandma’s Shortbread Cookies

It seems that this week Christmas has arrived! All of a sudden shop windows have Christmas displays, streets are lined with lit up trees and there is even the odd lit up reindeer or giant gift box.

I love every part of Christmas and look forward to it every year. One of the best parts of Christmas for me is my Grandma’s shortbread cookies. I love my Grandma, we have a very special relationship so I’m happy I get to make these and have a little piece of her with me at Christmas time.