Manny (male nanny) – first impressions

It is always an interesting experience when you meet your clients for the first time. There are a few little butterflies that zoom around, while you wonder, “What are the parent’s expectations going to be? Will they have routines? What are kids like? Are they high energy or book readers? Will they like the bag of ‘tricks’ that I have planned for them?”

Scholars Choice – Toronto

This amazing store has two giant floors that are chock full of toys, books, arts and crafts and teacher supplies. Their website actually breaks the store into four different areas: the Toy Store, the Teacher’s Store, the Early Childhood Store and the Full Day Learning Store. Anyone can shop at the Scholars Choice, but if you become a member, you will be the lucky recipient of some cool discounts and special perks.

Kids Craft Ideas – Recycling Items Around Your House

You can give children just about anything to craft with and they will make a phenomenal item that most adults couldn’t come up with. Make an area in your house – a shelf, a closet or a cupboard – and slowly add items to it that are no longer used around the house; they will be there for that rainy or snowy day to pull out and start crafting with. If you do not have the crafty kind of mind that it seems many mothers have, it’s okay. Just take out a bunch of the items that you have collected and let the kids come up with the ideas.

How to tie a baby wrap carrier

Nannies often have to use different baby carries, strollers or high chairs. Nannies on Call shows you how to tie a baby wrap carrier. These carriers are made out of a starchy cotton fabric and are the most convenient way to carry a baby. They are very popular with families so it is important you know how to use the baby wrap carrier. It’s really easy once you know how.

Whistler Museum Family Open House

Celebrate the one year anniversary of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games with the Whistler Museum.

Check out the latest exibit, take your photo with an Olympic Torch and more. Games themed arts and crafts led by Orkidz Art Studio for the kids.

There will also be hot chocolate, yummy baked things, coffee and tea.

Valentine’s Day Crafts & Gifts Kids Can Make

You can teach your children five ways to say, “I heart you” this year with these ideas for kid-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts and gifts. One way to show your children how to make their own crafts is to walk them through it, step-by-step: making your own designs while they make theirs. Or, you could choose to present the idea and the supplies and then stand back and watch the incredible creations that your children make. Each one of these projects is a great inspiration to get your children’s mind in creativity mode. A few of these ideas are also excellent gift ideas for teachers or grandparents, as well.

Nanny Cams: Should You Get One?

“Nanny cams” have become quite the controversial subject for a variety of different reasons. In private homes, the question of whether an individual’s privacy is being invaded comes up, but in organizations such as daycares, parents are glad to have the opportunity to “check in” on their children through means of complicated surveillance systems that are placed in the daycare facilities and linked in with the Internet.

How Much of a Raise Should I Give My Nanny?

This is a topic that is so very subjective; it’s incredibly tough to give the best advice on giving raises to a nanny, because each situation is extremely different. Undoubtedly, if you have the most spectacular nanny in the world, there is no way that you can pay her enough for the tender love and care that she devotes to your children.

Foods that are Dangerous for Your Baby

Infant Botulis

Many parents have no idea that there are foods – or ingredients – that are dangerous for their baby. Babies that are under one year old are at risk of Infant Botulism, caused by the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. If they are fed certain foods or ingredients that contain these spores, they can get food poisoning and possibly die.