On Call Relaunch

Dear Families,

As you already know, our On Call Babysitting service will be coming back later this year in 2021 with a brand new way that’s more flexible, reliable, convenient, and that gives you more choice and control.

But, you may be wondering… when exactly is it coming back?

While we don’t have an exact date, our goal (fingers crossed!) is to relaunch the On Call Babysitting service in September 2021.

Can we share something with you?

The pandemic has been a really scary and tough time for us as a business. Losing an entire part of our services and the revenue that comes with it. Saying goodbye to half our work colleagues due to layoffs. Not being able to help nannies and families in the usual way. Having to learn to work together while being apart. Dealing with stress and burnout. 

But even in the middle of chaos and uncertainty, we were presented with opportunities and growth. We’ve learned to pivot and adapt. We’ve learned to create systems and schedules that make us more productive while working from home. We’ve invested time and money in learning new things.

Without the pandemic, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to rebuild and revamp the On Call Babysitting service to include features you’ve been asking for.

 Here are a few of the new features of Nannies on Call 2.0:

  • View the Nannies’ profiles and select & book the Nanny of your choice for your appointment 
  • Pay the nanny directly by credit card
  • With no office hours to adhere to, you will be able to book anytime, anywhere
  • And so much more!

We’re working very hard on the technology and systems to help make Nannies on Call 2.0 a reality soon. We are incredibly grateful for your patience and unfailing support in this journey.

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The Nannies on Call Team

[email protected]

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