On Call Babysitting service update

Dear families and Nannies,

Over the past few weeks, we have been hearing from a number of parents wondering if our On Call Babysitting services will be operating again soon. As mothers ourselves, we understand just how exhausted you are, and how amazing a few hours of respite would be! We truly wish that we could announce that we are ready to reopen and help meet your childcare needs again. However, given the fact that COVID-19 case numbers continue to be on the rise across the country, and we are also seeing the spread of more transmissible variants of the virus, it is not safe enough to do so.

Unfortunately, our On Call Babysitting services are still suspended indefinitely, as we are continuing to follow the advice of the Provincial Public Health authorities. For more information on your province’s current restrictions, see the links below:

British Columbia



From day one of the pandemic, our main concern has been keeping both families and Nannies safe! At this time, we are only offering our Nanny Placement service for families looking to hire a regular Nanny on a temporary or permanent basis. If you are interested in pursuing a Nanny Placement, visit our sister company, The Nanny Solution, at thenannysolution.ca

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support! We can’t wait to be able to reopen and help you again in the future.

Take care and stay safe,

The Nannies on Call & The Nanny Solution team

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