Southern Ontario School Closures

On January 6th, Doug Ford announced that online learning for children who live in southern Ontario will be extended until January 25 and possibly longer. We understand that this puts parents in extremely difficult positions and for some parents, it is an impossible situation. Nannies on Call can help!

Here are the answers to a few questions we regularly receive.

Can I hire a temporary nanny?
Yes, we can help!  We have a pool of prescreened nannies who are eager to work.  However short term nannies have been in high demand during the pandemic and we recommend acting quickly.

What are the costs involved for a temporary nanny?
The nannies charge $20-35 gross per hour and the agency fees are $1000 for the first month and $750 for every month thereafter.  There is a $399 registration fee to begin the search.

We need a nanny to work part time but I do not want them to work anywhere else in order to keep our bubble small. Is there someone who would be willing to do this?
This is a very difficult position to fill. Some nannies may be willing to do this if they are going to school or living at home with their parents. But these nannies will be few and far between.

We generally ask families to put themselves in the nanny’s position. Would you be able to work part time and live solely off that income? Unlikely. Most nannies can not either so families can either hire a nanny part time understanding that they are likely working another part time job or families can hire the nanny full time and find other responsibilities to fill their day. (grocery shopping, errand running, meal prep, etc)

I do not plan to send my children back to school and plan to homeschool. Can I hire a private educator to teach my child in our home.
Yes, you absolutely can hire a private educator to homeschool your child. There are many things to consider when hiring a private educator.

  • Do you want the private educator to develop a tailored curriculum?
  • Will your children be following the provincial education curriculum?
  • What educational system are you interested in? Waldorf, Montessori, World schooling?
  • Will the private educator be responsible for purchasing all materials?
  • What education level will you require your private educator to have? ECE, Bachelor of Education or Masters of Education

Out of all the choices you have for your children’s education, hiring a private educator is the most expensive. This type of professional educator compensation will be $80,000 – $120,000 per year.

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If you have any questions please contact Kate (Ext 108) or Melanie (Ext 109) in the Placement Department at 647-776-0911 or email [email protected]

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