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Happy Summer! It’s been some interesting times to say the least since COVID-19 hit and we wanted to share what’s been happening behind the scenes with you.

Thank you! 

Firstly, we want to thank both our families and nannies for their loyalty and for trusting us throughout the pandemic.

Health and Safety First

Not all of our nannies are actively working at the moment, as they continue to practice social distancing. Likewise, many of our regular families are not yet ready to welcome back nannies into their homes. We completely understand and support this.

At this time, we are only working with nannies who are social-distancing and in good health. Likewise, we are choosing to only help the families who practice social-distancing and where all family members are in good health.

Placement Services

People have already started the search for hiring a nanny for the fall. Since we are working with a smaller pool of nannies, we encourage everyone to contact us as soon as you know what your plans will be. Our suggested timeline for submitting a full-time placement request is approximately 4-10 weeks from the date that you would require the nanny to start. Depending on what city you are located in, the rates vary between $20 – $35 per hour gross.

Private Educators

Some families are making the choice to not send their children back to school for in-class learning, and we are increasingly receiving calls from families looking for teachers who can help a couple of hours a day with schoolwork. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic request. Qualified teachers are looking for full-time wages in order to make a living and are therefore looking for full-time positions.

We have the solution — you can hire a private Nanny Educator to teach your children on a full-time basis. Their duties would include: developing teaching plans based on the provincial curriculum, preparing and purchasing all required teaching materials, as well as teaching, evaluating, and reporting on the children’s progress. Homeschooled children will do school work for 3 – 6 hours per day, depending on their age. In addition, the private educators need time to plan, organize, and schedule the schoolwork for the next day. Depending on the ages of the children, they can also help with supplemental learning, mealtime, and outdoor activities.

Private educators are certified teachers with teaching degrees (B. Ed, M. Ed) or early childhood education degrees. Depending on your location, they typically earn $35 per hour gross.

Office Hours

Our office hours have also been impacted by the global pandemic.

In Toronto and Ottawa please contact Kate.  She works Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9-5pm EST.

In Vancouver and Calgary, please contact Lisa.  She works Monday to Thursday 9-5 PST.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and understanding,

The Nannies on Call Team
[email protected]

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