14 Reasons Daycare Staff are Becoming Nannies

The world has changed in light of the ongoing global pandemic and families and child care professionals are looking for new ways to stay safe. Many daycare workers no longer feel safe working in a group environment, but want to continue working with children. An increasing number of Early Childhood Educators are turning to nannying as a way to utilize their education and training, while still staying safe and practicing social distancing. Check out the 14 reasons why daycare staff are moving from child care centers to nannying in family homes below.

Get to use your education
Do you have a diploma or degree in Early Childhood Education or Child and Youth Care? Being employed as a Nanny is a wonderful way to make use of that education. Nannies are more than just glorified babysitters; they are caregivers, teachers, and a source of support and guidance for children during their most formative years!

Less children = more time to form quality relationships
When you’re working one on one with a child, rather than with a group of children, you are able to develop a special relationship with them. You will form a close bond that they will likely remember and carry with them for the rest of their lives!

It’s free to register with an agency
Working with an agency comes at absolutely no cost to the Nanny! The families pay the agency a finder’s fee.

Competitive Wages
Nannies with ECE diplomas and backgrounds in Education are currently being paid $23-30 gross per hour.  

Not paid “under the table”
As a Nanny, you are hired as an employee. You will receive a payslip, have taxes deducted from your pay, and receive a T4 at tax time. This also makes you eligible for Employment Insurance and other applicable government financial supports and subsidies.

Not required to do housekeeping
Nannies are not required to do housekeeping. Their primary purpose is to provide care for the child and ensure they are safe. Aside from tidying up after any meals or activities they may do with the children, Nannies do not need to do any cleaning for the family. In fact, many of our clients also hire housekeepers to take care of that.

Paid vacation
That’s right, Nannies get paid vacation, and often receive 2-6 weeks of paid vacation!  Do you even need another reason to make the switch?

Health and safety
Working in a private home, as opposed to a daycare centre, means you’re exposed to far less bugs and viruses. You’re able to limit exposure and better protect yourself and any “at risk” people in your life, which is especially important in light of the recent global pandemic.

Appreciative parents
When you work for a family, the parents come to depend on you and regard you as part of the parenting team and family unit! You are invaluable to them and that level of appreciation sure feels nice. 

More autonomy and independence
As a Nanny, the parents are your employer. Aside from that, you have autonomy and the ability to work independently without constant supervision. The family trusts that you know what’s best for the children and can make decisions and plan around that!

No workplace politics
When you work in a private home, there’s none of the usual workplace drama. No conflicts with co-workers, unfair power dynamics, lack of cooperation and communication, etc.. When you’re just working with the family, the structure is far more simple.

Opportunities for fun field trips and activities
Taking the children out for a field trip or even to the park for an afternoon doesn’t require extensive planning, waivers, and coordination when you’re just working with one family. Think of all the fun places you can explore and activities you can do with the children in your city!

World-wide travel (if that interests you)
Some families hire Nannies to travel or go on vacation with them as well. They cover the expenses and you have the opportunity to visit new places while also getting paid to do so!

Less lice!
We’ll say it again: Less. Lice.

If you are interested in making the switch contact us at [email protected] 


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