Educational and Tutoring Survey

As we continue this period of quarantine and self-isolation, we know that you’re having to deal with unprecedented demands on your time and resources. Many of you who have school-aged children may be juggling working from home (or trying to!) and while also keeping your kids entertained and actively engaged in learning. With many schools resuming their activities online, the demands on your time as we continue to adapt to our new realities and responsibilities will only continue to grow.

At Nannies on Call, our goal has always been to provide excellent, reliable childcare that will allow parents to have time to do all the things they need to do to keep their families safe and happy. In our almost 20-year history, we have helped working parents, at home parents, new parents, parents who are in school, single-parent families, new immigrant families, families dealing with long-term illness, parents who needed to go on job interviews, families celebrating weddings and anniversaries, parents needing a coffee break, a spa break, or a haircut. Parents who love going to concerts or hockey games. We’ve even helped parents rediscover date night.

We helped you do all these things because it’s what you needed. In our current circumstances, we know your needs have changed and continue to change every day. And just like you’re needing to adapt, so must we.

What we want to know is how we can serve you best now. We have some ideas in development, but who better than you to let us know what you need help with.

Please take 30 seconds to answer 4 short multiple choice questions. We will share our findings with you very soon.

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Thank you for your loyalty and continued support,

The Nannies on Call Team

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