Top 10 Must Haves for your Nanny Bag

Whether you’re going to a home for the first time or the 100th time, it is always good to come prepared with a bag of goodies in your nanny bag, you never know when you might need to pull something creative out of it!

  1. Band-aids – In case of an ouchie!
  2. Notebook – For nanny notes or doodles with the kids
  3. Pen/Pencil or writing utensils!
  4. Lego or Puzzle – Something fun to build
  5. Storybooks! Who doesn’t love settling in with a new book!
  6. Activity cards – a deck of cards or I Spy perhaps!?
  7. Craft kit – Prepared kit of the supplies you’ll need
  8. Stickers!! Who doesn’t love stickers?
  9. Play-doh – because doh?! Play-doh is messy and fun! (Check out or homemade playdough recipe on April 1st)
  10. Bubbles! To catch, create and pop!

For more ideas for your Nanny Bag, call us today! With a roster full of teachers, ECE’s and career nannies, we’re sure to come up with some creative ideas! 1-877-214-2828 or email [email protected]

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