Do I need a contract?

Many families and nannies are working together without an employment contract. The contract is in place to protect you and ensure you are both clear on the expectations of the job. Often issues arise when job details are not clear and families/nannies have disagreements over the job responsibilities.

Download our sample basic nanny contract below to use as a template for your next job. The contract we use for Nannies on Call placements is much more encompassing. Please note that we are not providing legal advice to you and you should not only review it and ensure it reflects the agreed terms of hire but also get your own legal advice on it.

You can add many other items to your contract such as confidentiality, expenses, traveling with the family, notice periods, phone use or a social media policy. The contract should reflect the agreement that you have made with a family/nanny leaving nothing to be misunderstood or forgotten.

Click to download:

Employee Contract- Template

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