Apply for a Nanny Scholarship

Apply for a Nanny Scholarship 2019
We love supporting Extraordinary Nannies on their journeys toward even more extraordinariness. This starts with education, which can be expensive and, as a result, create a barrier for even the most keen nannies to upgrade their skills.

The Nanny Scholarship is a $5000 fund to support nannies seeking continuing education. The funds are available until they run out!


To be eligible to apply for a Nanny Scholarship, you must be:
*A Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada
*Currently working as a nanny or looking for work as a nanny
*Living in Canada

How to Apply:

Write a one-page essay that outlines who you are, why you love nannying, why you’re applying for the Nanny Scholarship, what course you’d like to take and what that course costs (include a link to course details if possible), and how taking the course will impact your nanny career. Tell us about your childcare experiences and your financial need as well. Send all the documents in one email.

Applicants must provide:

    • Proof of financial need
    • Proof of citizenship/permanent residence
      • A letter of reference (can be personal or professional)
    • Information regarding the course you’d like to take and its cost (Note: You cannot already be registered and taking the class or degree)

Send your application to: [email protected]

Need some help choosing a course? Check out our resources page.

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