7 tips for making a great first impression

Nowadays, everyone Googles you. Employers, neighbours, recruiters and strangers. Take steps to make sure your online presence is a good one because it reflects on you! Families will judge you before you even meet. Making a good first impression online is extremely important because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

  1. Check your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites settings to make sure your posts/pictures are kept private.
  2. Consider your email address. It should be appropriate. Potential employers do not want to see [email protected] Create a specific email address for your job search or professional work life.
  3. Google yourself, see what employers see.
  4. Be careful what you put into cyberspace, it has a broad reach and a long memory.
  5. Any written material should be positive and error free. Errors in grammar, even online, do reflect on you, and no recruiter or future employer wants to see you make negative remarks towards anyone else online.
  6. Ensure that any professional networking profiles (ex: LinkedIn) reflect the same dates and information listed on your resume.
  7. Be cautious of what you are saying in Facebook groups. There are not as private as many nannies believe.



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