10 tips for a successful nanny interview

At Nannies on Call, we continue to be industry leaders in recruiting only the most exceptional, extraordinary nannies in the business.  Because of that, only a small percentage of applicants make it through the process to become a Nannies on Call nanny. One of the biggest hurdles in the process is passing the agency interview.  Here are some tips on how to have a successful nanny interview!

1) Arrive on time.  Not an hour early, not 10 minutes late.  On time.

2) Be presentable.  Jeans and a sweater or clean shirt is great. No need to be dressed up, you are not applying for a corporate job. Just be sure your clothes are free from holes and stains.

3) Come prepared.  Bring copies of all your pertinent documentation – your current CPR certificate, criminal record check, ECE diploma, driver’s license, etc.  Even if you’ve already submitted copies with your application, it’s a good idea to bring the originals along with you!

4) Do your research. Know about Nannies on Call and what we stand for.  We consider ourselves extraordinary – do you?

5) Be happy!  You will be (hopefully) getting a job where you get to work with children every day – aren’t you happy about that?!  No Gloomy Gus’ or Debbie Downers need apply!

6) Be honest and up front.  If you’ve had a bad experience with an employer in the past, or you’ve made a mistake or two in your life (haven’t we all?), let us know.  We’re not here to judge you, just to make sure you’re awesome enough to send out to our wonderful clients! Honesty and integrity go a looooong way in our nanny world!

7) *But not TOO honest.  What do we mean by that?  If you’ve had a bad employer, we get it, you want to let us know that’s why you were let go.  But badmouthing your former employer, or trash talking your old co-workers doesn’t exactly make us eager to work with you.  And no doubt, our clients will feel the same.

8) Be yourself.  During the interview, it’s easy to get side-tracked and forget that the interview is about you.  It’s about why you are an extraordinary nanny. So, tell us why you are! If you’re the craft queen on your block, or the resident sports guru, let us know.  Our clients will want to know what their kids have in store if you were their nanny, so take the time to tell us!

9) Smile!  This goes with #5 – aren’t you happy to be working with the kiddies?  Then why would you ever have a reason to frown?

10) Follow through.  If you say you’re going to re-certify your CPR certificate, do it.  If you tell us you’ll re-do your resume to include more of your extraordinary childcare experience, do it!  In short, do what you say, and you’ll be a lot closer to securing your spot on our Extraordinary Nanny List!



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