50 Ideas For When The Weather Is Lousy

Psssst!  Nannies!  Here are 50 fun activities that can be organized with minimal preparation using items found in the home.  Keep this list handy for rainy days, snow days or extreme temperatures!

1-Finger paint on tinfoil

2-Paper Airplanes

3- Play in the bath with kitchen items and make ‘bubblechinos’!

4- Have a tea party with stuffies on a blanket on the floor

5- Play ‘hair salon’

6- Make a story book

7- Pitch the tent and camp indoors!

8- Make homemade play dough or slime

9- Bake a yummy treat

10- Plan a treasure hunt

11- Put on music and have a dance party!

12- Pull out the dress up box

13- Face Paint

14- Make a ramp with pillows and race toy cars

15- Play ‘store’ with a cash register, money, and items for sale

16- Make a fort out of blankets

17- Throw a birthday party for a favourite stuffie

18- Have a car wash in the kitchen sink

19- Pull out the art box and let the kids go wild!  

20- Rearrange the toy room

21- Volleyball with balloons

22- Button jewellry

23- Karaoke or a concert

24- Write a grocery list

25- Origami

26- Race against the clock (how many times can you jump in 10 secs?)


28- Paint little toes!

29-Sort through old toys to donate

30-Puppet shows

31- Make book marks

32- Make friendship jewellery with paint, pasta and string

33-  Play ‘library’ with books, stamps and story time

34- Make a city using every single block in the house

35-  Make an obstacle course in the basement

36- Create a time capsule

37- Invite friends over to play

38- Take pictures of your favourite items

39-  Put on a fashion show

40- Make an art package to mail to a grandparent

41- Write a letter to a friend

42- Make crafts from the recycle bin

43- Pull out the board games

44- Hide and Seek

45- Create a treasure map and hide items around the house

46-Play ‘cafe’ or ‘restaurant’

47- Make Sock puppets  

48- Have fun with a good ol’ cardboard box

49- Surprise Mom and Dad with dinner made by the kids

50- Get inventive with masking tape on the floor (hopscotch, roads etc)


Kate McGeachin has been matching nannies and families for over 12 years.  She lives in Vancouver with her husband and her daughters.  When she is not camping, skiing or biking, she is scouring the Internet looking for the latest vegetarian-gluten free recipes.


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