How to be a super popular, highly-requested babysitter

Here at Nannies On Call, we speak with dozens of clients about childcare and babysitting on a daily basis. Hundreds of clients per month. Thousands of clients in a year. What this means is that we have a very clear idea of the types of babysitters our clients are looking for, and we know exactly why some nannies are regarded as ok, while others are stellar and always in high demand. This is valuable, worth-sharing, inside information.

If you are a new nanny looking to make your mark, a seasoned nanny looking for tips on how to make your nanny star shine a little brighter, or perhaps a curious, potential nanny candidate looking to become a babysitter with Nannies On Call, then this blog post is for YOU!

The most popular, highly-requested babysitters…

  1. Love children and love spending time with them. This may seem like an obvious thing, but our clients always request nannies who like to “have fun and will get down and play” with their children. A fun, playful nanny who loves children and enjoys playing with them will always be in demand.
  2. Come prepared and ready to follow a schedule, but are also flexible enough to accommodate last minute changes, emergencies, or whatever the day may bring.
  3. Are punctual. Nannies who consistently arrive for their appointments on time, stand out as being reliable, which is something all parents expect and appreciate.
  4. Communicate clearly. The most popular nannies are known for being excellent communicators. The ask the right questions at the beginning of each babysitting appointment and make sure that they are clear about the parents’ expectations. At the end of the babysitting appointment, they debrief with parents and provide feedback about what she/he did with the children.
  5. Inspire trust. All parents want to feel that the person they are leaving in charge of their children is a professional, competent nanny. The best nannies know how to put parents at ease with their confidence, body language and assertiveness. They also know how to put the children in their care at ease by making quick connections, engaging with them in a genuine manner, and offering a warm and friendly smile.
  6. Go above and beyond. In babysitting, childcare and the welfare of the children come first, but if everyone is taken care of, the children are sleeping or napping, and all other childcare-related tasks have been completed, then nannies can use that time to do some extras. These may include things like tidying up the kitchen and living areas, wiping counters, hanging up coats, putting away shoes, etc. These are easy, light housekeeping tasks that can show clients you care enough to do a little extra.

Are these things that you already do as a nanny? What are some things that you do as an in-demand nanny? Let us know in the comments.

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