The BEST and WORST time to Eat Fruits

Fruits are full of nutrients that helps our body combat against different diseases. You can mix fruits with yogurt, salt or even with salad if you like.. But, can we really have fruits any way and anytime we want to? Just like any other foods, fruits can be more damaging than beneficial if not eaten the correct way. To reap the maximum benefits of fruits, given below is a list of the best and worst times to eat it.

❥ BANANA: Lunch: ✓ Strengthens immune system and improves skin moisture.

        Dinner: ✕ Lead to mucus formation and disturbs digestion.

❥ APPLE: Breakfast: ✓ Lowers Blood sugar and Cholesterol levels.

    Dinner: ✕ Hard to digest at night and increases stomach acid.

❥ MANGO: Breakfast: ✓ Eliminates indigestion and acidity.

       Dinner: ✕ High in carbohydrates and sugar.

❥ STRAWBERRY: Lunch: ✓ Helps build a strong hair and nails.

     Dinner: ✕ High in sugar.

❥ WATERMELON: Breakfast: ✕ Causes gastric discomfort.

      Dinner: ✓ Improves recovery time following exercises during the day.

❥ ORANGE: Breakfast:  ✕ Causes stomach irritation and gastritis.

         Lunch: ✓ Improves digestion and increases metabolism.

❥ TOMATO: Breakfast: ✓ Improves digestion & increase metabolism.

        Dinner: ✕ Causes stomach swelling.

❥ KIWI: Breakfast: ✕ Causes gastric diarrhea.

 Dinner: ✓ Promotes better sleep at night.

❥ CHERRY: Lunch: ✕ Causes bloating and intestinal cramps.

       Dinner: ✓ Natural Sleep Aids.

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