Puzzles: Entertainment to Focus On

Summer is here and getting outside is easy.  Trips to the park, the beach, or waterpark abound and every day gives the opportunity for a new adventure.  And although the sun makes it hard to think about the rain and snow returning, staying in can be just as much an adventure.  While dress-up and make-believe can also make for an exciting day, puzzling is another great way to spend some quiet time.

Here are some benefits of puzzling:

Keeps kids busy and focused.  With screen time taking over much of our lives, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.  It can be nice to unplug and spend time working on a puzzle together.  Not only is it a nice way for you and the children to spend some quality time, it also teaches kids to stay focused and reminds them that there is more to life than their favourite t.v. show or video game.

No matter your interests, there is a puzzle for you.  Speaking of favourite t.v. shows and video games, more likely than not, you can find it on a puzzle!  Do your kids love Disney princesses?  Action heros?  Harry Potter?  Not a problem!  There’s a puzzle out there for everyone’s interest.

Puzzle time is often quiet time.  Someone napping but you need a fun activity to keep everyone else busy?  No worries!  Puzzles allow children to remain engaged while letting baby brother or sister enjoy their nap in peace.  It’s also a great way to let you start on dinner while the kids work close by at the kitchen table.

No matter your age, there is a puzzle for you!  From 6 piece wooden farm puzzles to 2,000 piece art puzzles, there is a puzzle for every age.  Many companies are now even offering “family puzzles” that come in a variety of sizes so that your 5 year old can work on one section, your pre-teen can work on another, and you can focus on your own section.  This means that the whole family can get involved and stay invested.

Increases your children’s organizational skills.  Whether or not your kids know it, puzzling is actually one form of organization.  They are taking a jumbled set of pieces and putting them into a predetermined pattern.  While this may not help them clean their room, chances are, it will help them realize that every item has a place.  

Puzzles should never break the bank.  One of the best brands around, Mega Puzzles, sells many of its puzzles at Dollarama and other dollar stores.  This means that for a few bucks, your kids can have a new puzzle to work on.  And once your kids have found a puzzle they love, they will enjoy doing it over and over again and getting faster and faster!  You can even time them and turn it into a game.

Just remember: no matter the size or subject of the puzzle, always start by flipping over all the pieces over so you can see them clearly.  When in doubt, start with the edges and group like-colours together.  Keep the box handy for reference and you’ll be a puzzling master in no time!!

by Brianne – redoing the same 550 piece frog puzzle since the age of 12.


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