What Are the Disadvantages of a Nanny Share? Evaluate Your Options

A nanny share is an ideal arrangement for families seeking to reduce costs, expose their little ones to other children and build relationships with families with similar interests. However, a nanny share is not for everyone. In fact, some of the disadvantages may lead you to consider a private nanny or an on-call nanny from Nannies On Call, an agency who specializes in finding just the right fit for you.

Consider challenges that families face with a nanny share and explore your options to find a solution that is ideal for your family.

Differing Parenting Styles

When enrolling your child in a home daycare or preschool, many parents struggle with the style of care that is consistent for each and every child at the center. The same issues may arise when engaging in a nanny share. For example, your parenting style may differ drastically from the other family’s preferences. If you prefer that your child takes naps at a certain time, but the host family does not believe naps are effective, it may be difficult for your child to rest peacefully.

You may also have a stern discipline approach, whereas the other family does not believe in correcting children when they misbehave. Before entering into a nanny share agreement, ensure that you and your partner family are on the same page when it comes to the type of care your children will receive. If not, the relationship and arrangement may not lead to a successful outcome for you, your children and the nanny.

Contradictory Nanny Expectations

It is common for families to have different expectations of a nanny. You may request light household work while your partner family may expect deep cleaning while the nanny is watching your children. In addition, one family may prefer for the nanny to take the children on field trips or visit the local park and another family may prefer that the care is primarily based in the home. Families must set clear expectations and iron out the duties of a nanny to avoid confusion or frustration at the onset of a nanny share.

Privacy Concerns

If you consider yourself a private person and do not welcome an abundant amount of children in your home, a nanny share may pose a challenge. If you are the host home, know that children from  your family and your partner family will spend the day in your residence. Messes are bound to arise and your kitchen will be in use for the nanny to prepare meals. Families who find that they are overwhelmed with so much activity in the home may not be as open to the idea of a nanny share.

Cost Conflicts

Families in a nanny share must stipulate how costs are handled regularly. You are bound to save money when splitting the cost of a nanny, but additional expenses such as food, costs of field trips and transportation may extend your budget. You must be willing to work cohesively with your partner family and fairly allocate costs in order for a nanny share to work successfully.

Evaluate the potential disadvantages of a nanny share to determine if this arrangement is the right fit for your family. Nannies on Call can help you weigh your options. Contact us today for more information.


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