Nanny Share Tips

How to Delight Your Family and Your Child

A nanny share can be a delightful solution to your child care needs. However, without proper planning, the arrangement may pose some challenges for you, your nanny and the other family involved. Ensure your nanny share brings happiness to all involved with these tips designed to enhance your caring environment.

Discuss Your Schedules Often

One of the most stressful elements of a nanny share occurs when families don’t sync their schedules or communicate changes with the nanny and the host family. Avoid any uncomfortable or inconvenient situations by hosting a monthly meeting to pair up your schedules.

Determine early on which family will host the nanny and the children and communicate your work schedules and activities clearly. Know that in order for a nanny share to work, you may have to compromise one week or month when your schedule is less hectic than the other family’s schedule. Create a plan, too, for how to change the daily schedule. For instance, instead of an impromptu announcement that you will be late one day each week, ask the nanny and your partner family for advice on how your needs can be met.

Outline the Terms of Your Nanny’s Employment

Again, communication is crucial to a successful nanny share. Create a contract prior to hiring your nanny that includes a detailed pay schedule, an outline of your children’s needs and a daily pick up and drop off schedule. Stipulate whether or not your nanny will care for the children of both families in one home or a split arrangements between the homes of both families. In some instances, it may be necessary for the nanny to watch the children during different hours. This information is crucial for all parties to know prior to the start of your nanny share.

Make sure that the nanny you choose understands your family values, discipline preferences and the needs of each individual child. Communicating how your child responds and interacts with both adults and other children can help your nanny provide the best care on a daily basis.

Consider Additional Costs

Although families are encouraged to work out all costs prior to the agreement, it is possible that additional costs incurred will add up during the nanny share. Anticipate the cost of food, entrance into museums when on field trips and transportation fees that will need to be provided for your nanny. If you have children in diapers, discuss whether or not each family will provide supplies for the nanny or if the host family will provide wipes, diapers and ointments.

Anticipate Challenges

Just when your nanny share seems to be a well-oiled machine and an enjoyable experience for everyone, something may throw a wrench into the arrangement. Anticipate how you and your partner family will handle illnesses, sharing of toys and the use of electronics. When you consider what could go wrong and make a plan, you are providing your nanny with a clear route to provide the best care for your children.

Know that you are not alone when embarking on a nanny share when you have Nannies on Call as your primary resource. Get more information on how we can help you make this arrangement a delight for everyone involved by contacting us today.


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