The Joyful Perks of Nannying

Four Reasons You Should Be a Nanny

Are you considering being a nanny? Or are you already enjoying this noble and fun profession?

Like all careers in Canada, some work days can be challenging. However, I have found that my job satisfaction is extremely high.

What’s my secret? Simply by compiling an ongoing list of the unexpected perks of my job that bring me joy. No matter what your profession – think about the small moments that make your job amazing. Here’s a peek at what’s on my list:

Field Trips

One of my strengths as a nanny is my adventurous spirit. I love to research places to take children, and the families I have worked for appreciate that I will plan outings to enrich their kids’ imagination. In Vancouver, The Carousel Theatre was our favorite annual field trip. We saw a lovely show of The Very Hungry Caterpillar there, and this fall they are staging Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny.

Now that I’m in Calgary, I can not wait to check out Storybook Theatre and their upcoming productions of Richard Scarry’s Busytown and Peter Pan. A quick look on the internet will yield delightful field trip choices for you from Edmonton to Ottawa, from Halifax to Victoria.

you should be a nannySnuggly Pajamas

The chill of Canada yields more months of extra-cuddly pajamas. I look forward to the two evenings a week that I stay late and get the children ready for bed. What a delight to zip up footie pajamas on the 2-year old, listen to her little feet pad through the house, and feel the warmth of her snuggle against me like a Capuchin monkey.

Sidewalk Chalk

Nothing elevates my pride in my minimal artistic talent like drawing alongside children who are five years old and under. Wow! My sunshine looks amazing! That house (a triangle on top of a square) is so realistic!  Within ten minutes, I feel like an avante-garde artist who will be discovered and soon featured in my own sidewalk chalk exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

Impromptu Dance Parties

My friends who work in offices and retail may have some perks that I do not, but it’s difficult to imagine giving up the joy of impromptu dance parties with my children. We just had breakfast! Dance Party! Kayla tied her shoes! Dance Party! Michael and I are both wearing red shirts! Dance Party! I am thankful for the nanny moments of spontaneous joy.
My list of why you should be a nanny is ever-evolving and keeps me alert for wonderful moments on the job – and in my life.

What would you share about why you should become a nanny?

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