The Essential Nanny Question: What Would Mary Wear?

As a Nanny, What Should I Wear?

what should nanny wearEveryone needs an idol, and for me – a full-time nanny – my supercalifragilistic idol can be streamed 24/7 via the Disney Channel.

Although Mary Poppins was a London girl at the cusp of the 20th century, her timeless lessons continue to inspire this Canadian girl in 2016.

While I don’t have her magic bag nor a tendency to break out into song every twelve minutes,  Mary Poppins gifted me with the best life lesson of all:  dress to impress.

I remember that fateful day when my mother pointed out to my 12-year-old self that the very same actress who played Mary Poppins also played Maria in Sound of Music. Mind. Blown.

How was it possible that this elegant British nanny with ruby red lips was the one and the same frumpy, bowl-cut,  no-nonsense Austrian nun?

what should nanny wearWhile Maria von Trapp surely has her strengths, it was the runway-ready Mary Poppins who taught me that my work wardrobe can be- and should be- wonderful. A nanny can wear fashionable clothes too!

While I certainly am not a fashionista on the job, neither am I slob. Am I rocking a long white dress and a parasol? Heavens, no.

However, I do wear clothes that show pride in my appearance. I want to represent my family – and myself – well when I am out at a local park, running errands in Toronto, or simply answering the door.

While I know that some of my nanny friends feel that they can not survive without yoga pants, I have made a conscious effort to balance comfort with style. Getting dressed in a cute yet professional outfit each morning serves as a personal reminder to put my best self forward every day and in every way.

Best of all, Mary showed me that your best outfits work best when you are fully embracing life in them. what should nanny wearRemember the scene when all of the chimney sweeps sing, dance, and frolic across the roofs of London? Does Mary look miffed when her lovely frock is besmudged with soot? Oh no. A little dirt will not slow our girl down. And so, it is the same with me. Having a spare outfit in my car has also been a lifesaver.

If you are in need of a nanny pick-me-up, enjoy watching my favorite movie with your charges.  And then, tomorrow morning, ask yourself:  What would Mary wear? Let’s make her proud that Canadian nannies – from Vancouver, Victoria, Halifax, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, and beyond – are living the Poppins dream.

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