Vacationing With Your Nanny

vacation with nanny

Every summer, my children look forward to our family road trip with excitement and anticipation. Me? Not so much.

In fact, after our family vacations, I feel like I need a vacation from my family. As my husband and children sat around the dinner table discussing potential itineraries, visions of our own personal Canadian Griswold National Lampoon odyssey danced in my head. I felt exhausted before we even knew where we were headed. Then, I had an epiphany: we are going to take our nanny on vacation this year.

My husband balked at this inspired idea at first (this is a family vacation, he said, not a vacation with a nanny), but with the promises of a night or two on our own, he quickly saw the wisdom of my ways (it will be a family vacation, I promised). We worked out the details with our nanny, packed our bags, and hit the road.
Since it was our first trip with a nanny, we opted for a less-epic journey for our inaugural trip: a five-day vacation, traveling from suburban Toronto on to Stratford and then down to see Niagara Falls (from the beautiful Canadian side, of course).

Here’s Why We Loved Taking Our Nanny on Vacation:

  • The nanny helped control car chaos.  When goldfish crackers needed to be distributed, Nanny was on it.  When the three-year-old burst into tears because she dropped her teddy, did I have to perform amazing yoga stretches while wrenching my arm backwards, blindly feeling about to retrieve it at 100 kph down the highway?  Nope.  Nanny took care of it.
  • My husband and I had some couple time… on a family vacation.   Case in point: at the Stratford Festival, we enjoyed a lovely performance of  “A Chorus Line,”  a romantic stroll, and a late dinner at a darling bistro while the children played at the hotel pool and were tucked into bed by nanny.  Bliss.
  • We tried to strike a balance of nanny-time and family-time.  We clearly worked out the details of our nanny’s responsibilities before we left.  She had her own hotel room, and we generally worked out her “hours” at least 24 hours in advance.  Doing this ahead of time helped avoid awkward conversations and expectations.  We also involved her in the planning.  Her travel experience was limited, so we enjoyed showing her some of our favorite Canadian sites.  She enjoyed time on her own as did we.As you and your family plan your vacation around Canada, consider the benefits of bringing a nanny on vacation. We loved our experience, and I came home eager to start planning our next getaway.
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