Moms, Nannies and The Olympics

Moms Go for the Gold:

How My Nanny Allows me to Go Higher, Faster, and Stronger


Olympic fever is heating up, Canada! Yes, we do love our winter sports, but no matter the season, my blood stirs each time I hear the CBC’s iconic Olympic anthem.  

For the next two weeks, I will make good use of our nanny time and binge on as many of the 900-hours of Rio coverage as I possible can. Yes, that’s right, I said it. I am going to use a good portion of my weekly allotment of my nanny time to virtually travel to Brazil.  

Before you judge me, tune in and watch these inspiring athletes, and you will soon find yourself motivated to be a better person. You may even be convinced to hire a nanny yourself so that you won’t miss a moment.

Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, had the following to say about the Olympic Games:(read the full statement here: Trudeau on the Olympics)


“I am sure that we will continue to be inspired throughout the entire 19 days of the competition by spectacular moments of strength, speed, skill, and perseverance as athletes from around the world compete for a spot on the Olympic podium…On behalf of all Canadians, I extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our athletes who have displayed such tremendous dedication and commitment.. We are very proud … and confident that they will be excellent ambassadors of Canada’s culture, athleticism, and values.”


Trudeau’s words made me think: What if I replaced his use of the word “athletes” with the word “mothers”? We certainly share the same dedication and commitment. And wouldn’t it be fabulous if moms could host their own Olympics? We could send out a call to Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria –  wherever parents are willing to show off their strength and skills – and have our own Canadian sports spectacular to see who could take home the gold in the following types of parent-tastic events:


(1) Track and Field:

  • Sprinting: Compete to get to the finish line while simultaneously diapering a baby and dressing a 6-year old for school.
  • Marathon: Face off to successfully complete a challenging circuit of a zoo, a park, and a crowded children’s museum all while pushing a double stroller and carrying a diaper bag.  Style points are granted for maintaining a cheerful disposition throughout the race.


(2) Balance:

  • In this grueling event, the parent must balance a 16-pound baby on her hip while preparing a healthy lunch before a hungry toddler has a complete meltdown. Competitors who step on a family pet or a random toy will be disqualified.

(3) Rhythmic gymnastics:

  • Always a fan favorite, mums show their grace, creativity, and athleticism as they try to entertain two crabby children in a dreary venue with just a piece of string, a hoop, and a song in their heart.


Even if my grand idea never gets off the ground, I will enjoy the Olympics all the more imagining my mom Olympics.  And by the time the torch is extinguished, I will certainly know that my nanny deserves a gold medal for providing me with the uninterrupted opportunity to be inspired by enjoying the athletes in Brazil.  

And don’t forget swimming = bath time!

mommy olympics


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