How To Make Sure Your Nanny Reads to Your Child

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How to Make Sure Your Nanny Reads to Your Child

As a reading teacher and a mother, one of my parenting goals is to raise children who will make friends with books.

When finding a nanny for our family, this priority was one of the non-negotiables in our process.  (In case you need convincing, check out the Canadian Paedetric Society’s page on Early Literacy.

My nanny needed to love and value reading, so my screening process included questions about reading habits and favorite books. I even asked my nanny applicants to read aloud to my littlest one.

The book was a favorite chunky board book with lift-the-laps. This simple activity allowed me to see if my nanny could provide my children with nurturing and fun interactions with books.

How to Make Sure Your Nanny Reads With Your Child

  • Work with your nanny to schedule some sacred time to read to your children every day. My kids love to climb up on laps and have their favorite books read again and again. My nanny has scheduled time for reading after breakfast and again before nap time. In addition, the four-year old looks at his favorite “big boy” books while the 2-year old naps or listens to a chapter from our current read-aloud.
  • Make access to books easy and fun in your children’s playspace. Simply get some lovely baskets and fill them with kid-friendly books. Add some big, fun pillows and reading will organically occur in a cozy space. The nanny and I rotate the books out every few weeks to keep our little readers engaged.
  • Schedule trips to the local library with your nanny. As a working mother, I bemoaned that I could not take my children to the fabulous children’s program offerings at our library. Fortunately, though, our nanny can! They enjoy attending weekly events as well as checking out new books. Don’t forget to give your nanny lending privileges on your card.

What to Read

No matter where you live in Canada, check out these great websites to help you locate the best books for your children and your nanny:

The Toronto Public Library’s Best Canadian Books for Children:

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Reading List
With a nanny who loves literacy,  your children can read happily ever after!

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