What You Should Do BEFORE Hiring a Nanny

how to decide on nanny

Here’s Some Help On How to Decide on a Nanny

DO THIS before Hiring a Nanny

I learned the most important step in hiring a nanny from my years of being a member of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

The top teachers that we hired were those whom we first saw IN ACTION with real-live students before they were offered their jobs.  

The same holds true for nannies. While some people can seem perfect during the traditional interview process, the best way to find a fit for your family is to observe your potential nanny in action.

Once you have narrowed down your applicant pool, follow this tried-and-true process for the final step in securing the best nanny for your family:



Decide ahead of time what key factors are the most important to you and your family.

No applicant is going to be perfect right from the start. For me, I want my kids to be treated respectfully and safely, electronics to be off, and my directions to followed. For my sister, one of her top priorities is that the house remains clean and organized.

Once you determine your top three issues, set up a babysitting experience that will allow you to focus on these behaviors.

Schedule a babysitting experience for your potential nanny. Three hours seems like a good amount of time to accomplish your goals. Be upfront about what is important to you. For example, if it’s important to me that my directions are followed, then I will leave some clear and easy directions. For example, no screen time and keep the food in the kitchen and dining area.



Plan to stick around for at least an hour with the nanny and your children. This will give you a first-hand opportunity to watch the nanny interact with your children. Spend some time in the same room with them and then go to another part of your home with the direction for the nanny to keep the children occupied so that you can complete a task. Since my kids love to follow me and monitor my every move, this plan gives me a chance to see his or her techniques in corralling my little darlings. Finally, be sure to leave your home so she/he has some time without parent backup.


I highly recommend that you include a mealtime – be kind, and make it easy – during this inaugural experience. This step is important for me because I need my nanny to give an accurate report about what the four-year old has eaten. We are keeping a food diary for her, and I need someone to make clear notes about whether or not she ate her yogurt during lunch. This step is also crucial for those of you who have high cleaning standards. Was the kitchen and dining area kept relatively clean? Are the strained carrots wiped off the counter and washed off the baby’s face?




If you have one or more applicants that you are taking through this final stage, make some notes after the nanny has gone home.  

Otherwise, decide if this nanny is a good fit for you and your children.
Shout out to the Canadian Federation of Teachers for their hands-on interview idea!

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