Create a Diaper Bag Just For Your Nanny

diaper bag for nanny

Women’s handbag with items to care for the child: bottle of milk disposable diapers rattle pacifier and baby clothes.

Customize the Diaper Bag for Your Nanny, Dad and the Grandparents!

Although it may seem indulgent, my top diaper bag tip is to have one unique bag for each adult who travels independently with your baby.

For me, that means we have one manly Land’s End backpack for my husband, one cute quilted bag for me, and one darling polka-dotted bag for the nanny.

Of course, every bag includes the essentials:

  • diapers
  • ointment
  • a changing pad
  • wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • a bottle or a sippy cup
  • bandaids
  • antibacterial lotion
  • and an emergency snack. (In our house, we are worthless without a container of Gerber’s Sweet Potato Puffs.)
  • For the ever-changing Canadian weather, we also each have baby-safe sunscreen as well as an inexpensive knit hat.

From this point on, however, we each have our own added features.

My husband, for example, simply must have his own supply of snack food to stop him from becoming “hangry” when his blood sugar is low.  Thus, he always has a protein bar or two tucked away for himself.  He also keeps an old Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap tucked in his bag.

The nanny loves to bring a container of bubbles, while my husband and I skip it for fear of a potential mess.

She also likes to have a pack of peppermint gum for herself, a brush, and some hair ties. My nanny and I both have a portable phone charger as both of us liked to stay connected when we are out at the park. Both of our iPhones have had their batteries die while we were out with the kids, and having these inexpensive chargers give us the peace of mind that we could contact someone in case of an emergency.

As for me, I like to carry a bottle of ibuprofen, a grown-up magazine, an umbrella, and a board book for the baby.

I love this system because each of us can keep track of what is in our bag, decide where everything goes, and customize it to our own needs.

This system stops the frustration of not being able to quickly locate a needed item – like, let’s say for the sake of argument, the time you needed a bandaid for  your screaming son but they weren’t in the side pocket where you keep them because your husband had dropped them all in the bottom of the bag…Aaargh.

Creating a diaper bag for grandparents can also be a fun gift to leave at their houses as well!

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