How Being a Nanny Will Rock Your Resume

nanny looks good on a resumeHow Being a Nanny Looks Good On A Resume!

Being a nanny is a fabulous job. However, it is only one of the jobs I will hold as a stepping stone in my quest to becoming the Most Powerful Woman in All the Universe. Or in Canada. Or at least in British Columbia. Or maybe, simply Vancouver.

In any case, what I am saying is that I have BIG dreams and BIG plans – and while I am working out the exact details of my dominance – being a nanny is a wonderful résumé builder.

I can see that some of you may doubt how being a nanny would support one’s quest to become the Superstar of Calgary, the Topdog of Toronto, the Excellency of Edmonton, the Goddess of Victoria, et cetera ad nauseum.

What I mean is that no matter what your next job may be, your experience as a nanny will have given you prime experience that employers crave and colleges require.

I work hard to be a terrific nanny, and I recognize the skills that I am building will not only help me become a stronger caregiver but will also assist me in my next vocational step. Check out these bullet points that I am developing for my résumé:

  • Researched and planned educational outings
  • Anticipated problems and devised solutions
  • Coordinated and balanced multiple schedules
  • Assisted in implementation of a training program that resulted in a 100% decrease in the purchase of diapers for the household
  • Provided academic support for primary school student through after-school tutoring
  • Negotiated disputes to satisfactory outcomes
  • Motivated team to effective task completion
  • Ensured safety protocols were followed

Doesn’t that list sound far more impressive than merely including “Nanny, January 2014-January 2017” on your next job application? Of course it does! And, the best part is that not only is the list 100% true, it only covers the tip of the iceberg of what we do day in and day out as nannies. See! Being a nanny looks good on a resume!

My challenge for all of you nannies this week is to think about the kind of sophisticated work that you are doing with your dear children. Then, simply Google “power verbs to use on  your résumé” and your mind will quickly be stimulated by how can easily you can use these words to describe and document the important work that you do.

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