Why You Should Use an Agency When Finding a Babysitter

use agency find a babysitter in Canada

Why use an agency to find a babysitter in Canada?

I love the Toronto restaurant scene.  My husband and I have had some amazing meals, and now I have my sights set on an evening downtown at Scaramouche, complete with a piece of their renowned coconut cream pie.

However, finding a babysitter in Canada can be tough. As a family with a breadwinner who is constantly being relocated (can you say six cities in seven years?), our transient lifestyle has made me appreciate the importance of finding a dependable babysitting agency.

From our family’s adventures in Calgary (Alberta and Edmonton), British Columbia (Vancouver and Victoria), and now here in Ontario (Toronto), I have learned to stick with the professionals.

Here’s Why I Stick To The Professionals When Finding a Sitter

They are Professionals (in case you missed that in the last sentence …)

For both serious full-time as well as part-time childcare needs, excellent and respected agencies exist online who will match your family with a babysitter.

A solid organization will take care of pre-screening applicants. With something as important as child care, I love knowing that someone has spent the time checking references and running background checks.

And, if a particular babysitter does not work out for my family, they have ready replacements available. Seriously – this is a dream come true. In fact, if you tracked my online usage, you would quickly see that Facebook, Pinterest, and online babysitter placement services have create the trifecta of my internet usage across Canada.

Their Job is to Make Your Life Easier

As a mother of young children, scarcely a person in my life fills this category. And as a person with some power issues, I have learned to allow an agency to do what they do best: taking care of me and my children.

They are motivated to provide their clients with the best babysitters because that is THEIR JOB.

The convenience of a website allows me to do some browsing on sites in non-traditional business hours and from whatever time zone our family is residing. And they have pulled through for our family – over and over and over – across Canada.

By sticking with the professionals, this mom may even have the delicious opportunity to sink my fork into a piece of coconut pie in Toronto next weekend!

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