10 Questions to Ask a New Babysitter From a Kids Perspective

questions to ask a new babysitter

We think it’s important to let our kids have questions to ask a new babysitter!

My dear daughters love our new home in Vancouver.

They love the new color of their bedroom, they love the sound of the new doorbell, and they love that there is a bakery two streets over. They also love that they will have a new babysitter.

Not that there was anything wrong with their babysitter in Victoria, but let’s just say we were all ready for a change.

One night over dinner, my husband and I were discussing our upcoming babysitter interviews. Our girls’ little ears perked up, and soon they were generating some babysitter questions of their own.

At first, I thought that the conversation was just for fun, but soon I pulled out a pen and paper and began recording highlights of their ideas. This impromptu exercise gave my husband and I a glimpse into the priorities of our daughters’ hearts and minds. And although some of their questions were simply the silliness of the  five-year old (“Will you let us eat marshmallows for breakfast?”) and the randomness of the four-year old ( “Do you like the color of my new shoes?”), we will definitely weave some of their questions in with our more serious inquiries.

In any case, I highly recommend you include your children in brainstorming some questions for the babysitter. They will feel empowered by having a voice in the process, and you will be given some wonderful examples of what they value.

Here are ten of our favorite kid-generated questions:

1. Are you good at  playing with Legos?

2. Do you think girls can like Batman and Barbies together?

3. What do you do if it is thundering and a kid feels scared?

4. Do you like to play Candy Crush on your phone a lot?

5. What would you do if we spilled juice on the carpet and then on your shoes? ( I don’t think that this ever happened, but the four-year old has a shoe obsession)

6. What do you smell like? (We are not going to use this one, but I absolutely love it.)

7. Do you like to skip?

8. Do you know my grandma who lives in Edmonton?

9. Can I wear your shoes sometimes? (again – from the four-year old)

And, finally, …

10. Do you even like kids?


What do you think? They’re pretty good, aren’t they? Feel free to use them, my kids would be honored.

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