How Making Time For Your Husband Can Make You a Better Mother


Let a Babysitter Take Over So You Can Take Care of Yourself

Sometimes the best way to be a good mother is to be a good wife.

For me, being a good wife means spending time with my husband without the kids.

Of course, this advice is easier to give than it is to follow.

After a long week of full-time work and full-time parenting, the last thing I want to do is head out on the town with my husband.

Sometimes it feels easier to simply put your children through their typical nighttime routine – giving baths, brushing teeth, reading bedtime stories, rubbing backs, singing lullabies – and then collapse into bed with yourself.

However, you need to hand off these parenting jobs once a week.

Hire a Babysitter For Date Night

Make date nights a priority with your spouse, and they will pay off dividends in the health of your relationship.

For most of us, inertia will be the biggest obstacle to overcome. As sad as it may sound, I compare dating my husband to going to the gym. I hate working out. I hate sweating. I hate seeing my pilates instructor Victoria, clad in her coordinating athletic ensembles, effortlessly completing class.

However, despite my innate tendency toward lethargy, I do go the gym. And afterwards, I am surprised that I find myself thinking, “Why don’t I do this more often?” Like the healthful benefits of working out, spending time with your dear husband without your dear children will make energize and strengthen your commitment to one another.

Simple Plans are Easier to Follow Through With

The only rule here is to make it happen.  Do not go overboard by making elaborate and expensive plans. You do not need to get tickets to the latest theater opening in Toronto or head to a four-star restaurant.

Hire a babysitter, make your plans simple, but make them often.

Grab a bite to eat and have an adult discussion. Travel in your conversation over coffee: recount your memorable road trip to Calgary, reminisce about your Parisienne honeymoon, plan a summer trip to Vancouver. Re-connect. Walk in the park. Treat yourself to a movie that is not animated. Indulge in a gelato.

Carving out sacred time to spend with your significant other sans kiddos will invigorate your relationship, your family, and your parenting.

Having a trusted babysitter will guarantee you do it.

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